Tirmah Interiors

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February 21, 2022
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February 21, 2022

Tirmah Interiors

Tirmah Interiors was started by Abid Javed in the year 2001 purely for the love of art and artistry. Over the years it has grown into this; and then some more! Tirmah is not just an assortment of carpets, rugs and kelims stock together in an outlet to sell off; it is a collection of classy hand knotted pieces, each conceived, designed and created most craftily; most artistically.

We at Tirmah Interiors aim high; we aim at quality at its best; we aim at exclusivity at its premium; and we aim at artistry at its pinnacle.
Nothing lower than that would do for us; it is as simple as that.

It is a labor of love that we proudly and painstakingly undertake at Tirmah. Our objective, from the very beginning till all times, is to create and globally extend classiness, exclusivity and the myriad artistry of hand woven pieces that is inherent to the skilled crafters of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Based in Knysna and Cape Town, South Africa, Tirmah Interiors has weaving units in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan & Nepal and engages craftsmanship exclusively to ensure the uniqueness of our products. Hence, we have absolutely no qualm in declaring that each and every one of our woven pieces is exclusively priceless and stands in a class of its very own.

Just like our valuable clientele and their distinctiveness!


Tel: +27 (44) 3824411
Current address is:
Shop Z5-02 Knysna Mall
39-41 Main Street, Knysna 6570
Email: Knysna@tirmahinteriors.com

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