is the florist on Parking Level 2 of the Knysna Mall. Fondly referred to as “the beacon of light in the basement”🙂

The shop has been operating for the last 6 years. The current owners are Bernie and Carey. Their professional staff will assist you with any floral request. Marie has a magic touch with flower arrangements and Rosaline is our Posy specialist. Please feel free to come and talk to us about your floral requirements.

CUT FLOWERS: We specialize in stocking cut flowers for household arrangements. Come and see our wide variety of fresh flowers for any occasion. Sold as bunches or as stems for your own creation. The shop has a walk in fridge where you can pick and choose.

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: Buy a pre-made bunch or tell us what you would like and we will arrange the bouquet for you. No request too big or too small. Dinner parties, weddings and special occasions – there is a flower arrangement for you.

FLORAL ACCESSORIES: We stock a wide range of glass vases, ribbons, pots, cards and wrapping material to make every arrangement a special floral display.

ORCHIDS: The King of Flowers. Come and see our variety of flowering Orchids. Sold as individual plants or make an arrangement from the flowering stems. Orchid accessories such as potting medium, orchid pots and supplements are available.

DELIVERY: Member of the Teleflorist group so we send flowers locally, nationally and internationally. Local deliveries from Plett to Sedgefield are free of charge.

Come and visit us and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

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TEL/FAX 044 3823706
P.O.BOX 2760
Proud member of www.bni.co.za

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